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Course Evaluation Form

I had the fortune to speak with Dr. Jim Kirkpatrick, (son of Donald Kirkpatrick). His company, Kirkpatrickpartners.com, invited trainers to have their course evaluation template reviewed by Jim. He gave excellent ideas and suggestions. I think this tool will give trainers a lot of relevant and meaningful audience and course feedback.

Jim was really impressed by that the essay questions precede the Likert Scale questions.  I started doing that a few years ago and feedback went through the roof!  Whereas in the past, 2 of 10 people might answer essay questions, now 8 of 10 do, and they write meaningful answers! The feedback can provide the employee's company what they feel they got out of the training.  Dr. Kirkpatrick suggested linking a question more to how the participant viewed the workplace impact of the learning - and that was excellent.  He also suggested a new question and a couple of other small changes that truly add value.

Feel free to download it and try it.   Let me know what you think.

Merrick Evaluation Form

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