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User Aids

Documentation that is easy to read helps people remember what they learned in class.  I'm in the "remembering" business as much as in the "training" business.  My handouts help users to recall what they learned. 

What's New in MS Office 2007?

Here's the first few pages of my "What's New in MS Office 2007? handout.  It shows the table of contents and the 1st few pages, including where to go at Microsoft.com for free, internet based learning!  If you would like the full 20 page document, send me an email. 

Fixing the Gotchas in Word 2007

Want to know how to fix the double spacing problem in Word 2007?  How about the default font?  Do you hate it when Outlook opens a Word document in that funky two page expanded view?  Want to have it stop doing that?  Learn how to do that AND how mail merge changes.  Also, you get a "before and after" handout for your favorite tool buttons and commands - where do they live now???  Lastly, a page of my Favorite Word tips!  Enjoy...

Concatenation for Excel 2003 or 2007

Concatenation lets you put the contents of two cells into one cell.  Quite useful if you want to have First Name and Last name in one column, or if you want City, State, Zip in one column not three.

Identifying Duplicates in Excel 2007

Identifying Duplicates in Excel 2003

Learn how to identify duplicate rows of data in an Excel spreadsheet.  You may have 5,000 rows of data, but only a couple of hundred "unique" rows. 

Mail Merge Madness for Word 2003

Mail Merge changed from Office 97 (and 2000) when Office 2003 came out.  It drove people crazy!  Here's a brief look at how to manage and survive using the "new and improved" Mail Merge.  And by the way, they do it again with Office 2007!!!