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For the Legal Community

Buzz speaks at the MSBA Annual Meeting
Buzz spoke at the Maryland State Bar Association Annual Meeting in Ocean City on June 11. He gave a two and a half hour presentation on PowerPoint entitled PowerPoint in the Court Room, the Board Room, and the Conference Room. Over 40 litigators and other legal professionals gathered to hear Buzz discuss how PowerPoint is being used in the legal profession, how to create basic presentations, and where to get on-line and instructor led continuing education for learning PowerPoint. 
Gar Robbins, the MSBA Litigation Section Chair, opened the talk with a brief look at Open Office.org’s version of PowerPoint (called Impress). Gar showed everyone that getting started using graphics and multi-media in the court room (and elsewhere) is available even if you don’t have Microsoft PowerPoint. He showed how easy it is to get information from the Internet and integrate it with PowerPoint or Open Office Impress. 
Buzz held a raffle giving away a ½ day of free training to one lucky winner.  Christine S. Britton with Progressive was the winner. 
Here are the support materials Buzz used in his presentation.  Feel free to download, print and share.

PowerPoint in the Court Room, the Board Room & the Conference Room Handout (.pdf)

PowerPoint in the Court Room, the Board Room, & the Conference Room Presentation (.ppt)

Helpful Tips & Resources for PowerPoint (.pdf)

Buzz has provided training, consultation, and Executive Coaching for the Maryland Law Community for many years.  He has worked with the Maryland State Bar Association, the Baltimore Bar Association, and several private law firms.  He has taught faculty and staff at the University of Maryland School of Law, and the University of Baltimore (UB) School of Law.
Buzz was a featured presenter at the 2008 Maryland State Bar Association Annual Meeting, the 10th Annual Solo and Small Firm Conference, and at the 2009 Maryland State Bar Association Annual Meeting. The Baltimore Bar Association hosted a series of 2 hour seminars focused on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint which were enthusiastically received.  
Buzz's focus has primarily been on using Excel to better manage your practice and PowerPoint to enhance your presentations. Using Word and Outlook more effectively are rapidly increasing in interest as well. 
Here are some of the courses he has taught:
  • What's New in Microsoft Office 2007?
  • How to Excel @ Managing Your Practice
  • Excel at Analysis
  • The Applied Science of Microsoft Word
  • The Applied Science of Microsoft PowerPoint
  • PowerPoint in the Court Room, Board Room, and the Conference Room
Buzz understands that the needs of the legal community differ from other businesses. He networks with experts in the field of law technology to provide resources to help legal professionals get the job done on time and within budget. Here are a few web resources you might find helpful:
Here are a few books on PowerPoint and presentations for Lawyers:
  • Ann Brenden and John Goodhue, The Lawyer’s Guide to Creating Persuasive Presentations (Second Edition)
  • Ellen Finkelstein, How to Do Everything with Microsoft PowerPoint 2003
  • Tom Bunzel, Teach Yourself PowerPoint 2003 in 24 Hours
  • Cliff Atkinson, Beyond Bullet Points
  • Jerry Weissman, Presenting to Win
Your practice requires continuing education to keep abreast of developments in Law. It also thrives best when those who practice law and those who support the practitioners are well versed in the technology they use everyday. When was the last time you or those who support you had training in Outlook, Word, Excel, or PowerPoint?
Two hour hands-on, demo or executive coaching sessions can increase your skills and have you doing in 30 seconds what used to take hours. Call Buzz to discuss how your practice can benefit from targeted, user friendly, relevant technology learning.